Boyfriend taking me for granted, what to do?

I feel my boyfriend is taking me for granted, I tell him I love him all the time and the he makes me really happy, I'm always available to him, I give him everything he wants and I find he doesn't really put an effort to communicate much with me or to make plans - if he does then theyre last minute on his whims and wishes. what should I do?


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  • First off, not making plans or doing so last minute is just a guy thing, in general. Not all guys, but a lot more than girls.

    Having said that, if he doesn't appreciate you, that's not OK. It's probably not the best idea to call him out on it. You'd probably be better off just pulling away a little. Make him think about you and what you mean to him. Be a little aloof. Don't overdo it, but make him a little uncomfortable.

    Guys don't like head games and I'm not advocating that you make a habit of it, but in this case it might be warranted considering he may not know how good he has it.

    All the above is based on the assumption that you are being fully honest and forthcoming and there are no extenuating circumstances we should know about. :)


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  • Start making plans with a few girlie nights out away from him, explain that he never wants to go out so you have arranged a girlie night out, he will eventually feel the need to have you around more and start making an effort, but if he dont, then there's something broken in your relationship,x


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  • Woooow this sounds a lot like my relationship right now lol. Well my best friend I told her this and she told me "lyss you mean the world to him, he would do anything for you, he loves you A LOT." And well I believed her and I want to ask him about this, how I feel like he's not putting much effort but I don't want to hurt his feelings but hey I'm ago Gunna ask. You shouldn't be afraid to ask your boyfriend anything. But maybe he feels like your the world to him. That he would do anything for you just isn't good at expressing it. :) just ask him and tell him you feel that way and hope you two can fix it

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