How did you introduce your significant other to a parent?

How did you introduce your boyfriend/girlfriend to your parent(s)?


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  • Well, I generally don't unless the relationship has been going strong for about a month. So far only two of my girlfriends have met my mother. Basically what I do is I take everyone out to dinner, and then I just introduce her, and say that I've been dating her for a month. From there I guess we talk about it, filling in details as it comes up. That's basically how I do things.

    • Your age range? See I still live at home but am serious with my boyfriend. My parents expect open honesty so it would be I suppose dishonest if I just flat out told them. I guess living away from parents makes it easier.

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    • lol hey I am pretty stressed out about this and have been for an extremely long time. I am just a coward.

    • Sorry, if I sound cross, but I think I needed to make point.

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