ICal event alert for other people

If you have an iCal shared with someone, will they know when you add an event or will you know when they add an event? Do you get an alert?


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  • They should if you are putting the event on the shared calendar. Lets say you have two calendars, Home and School. You're working on a collaborative project in class with Kelly, so you share your school calendar with her. If you make changes to that, she will see it, but if you make changes to the home calendar she will not.

    Now what I just said isn't 100% accurate. Kelly will be able to see changes on the calendar, but whether or not she gets any alerts is dependent on how she has her notifications configured.

  • Can you please explain what exactly an iCal is?

    • It's the iPhone calendar.

    • Ah, I would test it by calling a friend, setting one for today and see if it does it.

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