Help, Coffee Addicts!

So I have this college oral presentation about Caffeine Addiction. It will be a 30-minute work but I'm in desperate need for creative and fun ideas concerning both form and content. My teacher literally said "I think the topic is a bit shallow so your challenge is to try to come up with original and unpredictable ideas." It's gonna be next week so I don't have much time. HELP PLEASE!


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  • Show up with a cup of coffee. Drink coffee.

    Is caffeine addiction a thing? I don't know, is it really that addictive?

    I drink at least a pot of coffee a day. I don't feel like I need to drink it, but I do because I love coffee. The slight bitter taste is wonderful.

    You might benefit by comparing rates of addiction to other drugs. Nicotine and cigarettes are supposedly the most addictive drug. How does caffeine come in comparatively?

    What are the health benefits? Caffeine does good stuff for the brain, as far as I've heard. The same can be said for cigarettes and nicotine. I think both increase brain activity over all, and may prevent some degenerative brain diseases.

    Half an hour is a long time to talk, most oral presentations I have done in college were less than 20 minutes.

    If you can have a visual element, I would suggest a powerpoint with mostly pictures, and few words. Every slide has a picture, and no slide has more than a sentence on it. That way you're not reading off the slides, and the pictures are cute, funny or thought provoking, which bolsters your presentation.

    End advice.

    When you find some neat sources about caffeine and what it does, send them my way.

    Wait, why is this posted in sexuality?

    • Haha thank you for the remark, I didn't notice my mistake till you pointed it out !

      Anyway, I was thinking almost the same way about showing up with a mug for example. Or I could start the presentation by a coffee tasting kind of thing (among my classmates).

      I love love loooove your suggestion about comparing coffee to other addictions, that would be just perfect and I'm sure my teacher would love it!

      What do you think of giving the audience coffee themed favors at the end?

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    • may I also add - my friend have birth almost six months ago and she is breast feeding. everyone knows you should drink too much coffee when pregnant or breast feeding. so the baby was up a lot - she stopped drinking coffee and the baby's sleep pattern have drastically changed for the better lol yet my friend still insist on drinking caffeine free coffe every day. does not make sense to me lol

    • *gave birth

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  • at the end of the presentation, after having given a 10000000 facts about why people should stay away of coffee but won't, you could close with.

    If that is not enough to make you quite coffee, here is an interesting fact, currently the most expensive coffee sold on earth is valued at $1,100 / kg and is produced by being passed through the digestive system of elephants in Thailand.

    If it is in class, and the ambiance is somehow relaxedm with other students and a rather cool teacher, you could say the last sentence while sipping on a Starbucks cup lol. and finish with yummy :D.

    If you don't like the idea, just think about the fact that if the teacher is not interested in the topic or might get bored from listening to many boring facts, you need to think outside the box. Throw a couple of things that will keep him entertained.

  • Coffee is sort of addicting. It's one of my vices I'd like to stop drinking it because I believe it messes with my overall energy and hydration while running or doing any cardio exercise.

  • link


    Dr. Zorba knows best!

  • Hello

    I am not a coffee drinker, never did.

    But maybe this is interesting non the less

    The last 20 years coffee addicts are trying to pull me in to their addiction.

    Almost every week someone asks me to start drinking coffee.

    As if I am to be saved.

    And in my life there where 2 moments where there were reports of possible problems with restocking supermarkets.

    The first people ran out to the supermarket, was coffee and sigarettes, it ran out in minutes, while food was left untouched.

    The dutch have been the main coffeepimp of the world (historicaly)

  • I have only this to say.

    I could live without genuine mountain grown Colombian coffee (Juan Valdez on the label).

    But why would I want to?

  • Coffee is good. I like coffee.


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