Need hair help.questions for blond girls who dye or enhance their hair?

question for girls who have blond dye or highlights!

what is your natural hair color?

what do you do to get it blonde? (ex: highlights, box color, bleach and tone, etc)

example: my natural hair is a level 6 (some shade between light brown and dirty blonde) and I get all over highlights. (foils)

i want to do my own hair. I kind of want to dye the whole thing light blond to save money...because you can't touch up foils yourself. but I am scared.


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  • I color my hair all the time. I am naturally the same color as you, or maybe close. I'm a golden dirty blond.

    I find that at home coloring works really well for this color of hair. Depends on what color of blond, but I know when I dye it at home it seems to do well. I do the whole thing, but if you want to do foil highlights you can do them at home.

    It's going to be hard because you have to figure out how to do the foils. It helps if you have a friend help you. Basically, divide hair in half, start at the bottom and work your way up. Take 1-2 inch pieces and start there. Get a dye set from the dollar store, it comes with a bowl to put the dye in and a brush to brush it on. You also need some foil, aluminium foil works fine.

    Have your friend use the dye set to apply the dye to the 1-2 inch strands of hair. Fold foil over those pieces to hold it. Fold them small enough, the foil should just sit there.

    To get them all over, you have to start from the middle of your head and work along that line, starting at the nape of your neck. Even use the hair dryer for the last few minutes on the foiled hair to intensify the color :)


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  • 1) my natural hair color is a med brown

    2) I use bleach and toner for an all over color

    I wouldn't reccomend doing an all over blond yourself unless you know you can work fast, and you have help for the back. Bleach does its job pretty quick, so if you don't lay it down on your head roughly around the same time your hair will be uneven in color and spotty. For your first time doing an all over blond I'd suggest going in to get it done. Ask what type of bleach they're using and how long they leave it on. Same goes for the toner. After that if you want to attempt doing it at home for root touch ups it will be much easier (but you will still need a friend for the back).

  • Try sun in

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