What does it mean to dream about the grim reaper

This morning I dram in the beginning of two dogs a grey one and a black and white one the grey one didn't want to leave us alone then we left and we were eating at this old ladies house then I was in the car with my boy friend and my daughter I don't know where we were, but we were driving like normal going to go eat somewhere and my boyfriend was upset about something I don't remember what he was saying then we drove into a dark street where the grim reaper was in the middle of the road floating and my boyfriend drove around it nit to hit anything but then he started speeding away from it and wee ended up at some stairs all of a sudden I said let's go back it should be gone and he said no I'm going to go this way some how the car was up the stairs and I wasn't in it with him anymore and I went back Rhett was these people in costumes sitting there then the grim reaper chased me and my baby but when he caught up to us it was some crazy man in regular clothes and he was screaming and so I ran away with my baby

Peas if anyone knows what this means help me thank you


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  • It doesn't mean anything. It's just a dream, and it's something your mind came up with.

    You have a really good memory for remembering all those details from your dream, and you have a wide imagination.


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