What is the goal of feminism?

Do they want women and men to be exactly the same in regards to their function in society? I don't think that is very efficient or practical or possible.

In fact, this is a viewpoint that descends from Communist/Marxist viewpoint/policy that women (as well as men) are owned by government and need to "contribute" to the "cause" outside of the home/family.

This ideology is actually backward-thinking as far as human rights are concerned, not "progressive" as a great deal of women have been led to believe. There is a large amount of propaganda that originates from far-left (Marxist-leaning) universities that women have been oppressed by men historically. This ideological cover is specifically devised to be anti-white male.

The fundamental goal of feminism and similar ideologies appears to be to destroy the biggest threat to the Communist/Marxist ideology, which is white men. White men have the most private wealth/earning power, and private wealth is considered to be one of the greatest evil by Marxists.

The Communists/Marxists are perfectly willing to give minorities and women special benefits as long as it supports their CURRENT goal of destroying the private wealth of white men. Of course, they will turn on these other groups as well should individuals within these groups gain any meaningful power in and of themselves (outside of the Marxists' control). The main goal of the Marxists is to destroy all wealth and power of private individuals and transfer this power and wealth to an elite aristocracy - Communists/Democrats/[insert leftist party here] party officials (which has always been the true purpose of the Marxist ideology).

There is another political party, Republicans, but unfortunately it is not a party diametrically opposite of Marxism... it is only to the right relative to current Marxist positions, as Republicans are in-fact currently reactionaries to Democrats.

Sadly, even if Republicans were to wrestle power from and even destroy Democrats, it would likely result in Fascism, which is a totalitarian system equally as bad as Communism. In Fascism the main enemy is once again the liberty and wealth of private individuals who lie outside of Fascist power structure.

So bringing it back to the main question of this post, "What is the goal of feminism?" Perhaps self-proclaimed feminists need to ask this question to themselves and reflect on whether or not they are merely a cog in a much larger and more complex machine that they are currently unaware of.
What is the goal of feminism?
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