How do guys feel about a girl with surgery scars? Put off?

I've had open heart surgery and lots of scars on my body as a result, never had a boyfriend and wonder how they would react, am sure they would be curious but at the end of the day men are all about the visual...

If I told the person I was involved with he would definitely feel sorry for me and if I do not...i've kept a big part of me from him.

No win situation.


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  • I'm sure A FEW guys will be put off, but probably not as many as you fear.

    Scars wouldn't put me off. If I saw them, I'd feel sorry for the girl and ask her what had happened. I'd make sure to put in extra effort to make her feel good about her body.

    Guys do care about visuals, true, but it's more "Does she have big boobs?", "Does she have a nice butt?", "Does she have a pretty face?", rather than "Is her body perfectly free of scars, stretch-marks, etc?"

    I'm guessing these scars are on your chest area. I wouldn't even get to the position of seeing them unless I found the girl physically attractive anyway.

    • These scars are yes my chest area my sides and my back, think the doc got a bit carried away lol.

      There you go I would hate for someone to 'feel sorry' for me I do not care about these scars and do not care if anyone sees I do not see why I should have to hide it but then I do not want people to feel sorry! I cannot win

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    • Yes of course! China doll then? Lol, yes the future boyfriend that I might not ever have, not that I really want a relationship just curious. Also, I have never spoken to anyone about my scars, when I have mentioned it to a friend they don't seem to care tend not say anything and change the subject very strange.

    • I'm sure you DO want a boyfriend, and I'm sure you'll find one eventually.

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  • You didn't allow yourself to get a boyfriend because of heart surgery scars? maam.. throw this idea in the trash .

    For me .. if I like her face, her smile , she has an OK hair and she is not overweight . Then I would love to meet her.. if she turns out that she lost a boob to cancer or she had diabetes I would STILL like to meet her !

    Throw this insecurity in the garbage now my lady :) and good luck because there are men out there that you are gonna make happy!

  • Not all guys are about the visual, of course we have to be attracted but we don't need a super hot flawless girl to be attracted. for many, what really matters is finding the one who would show a tremendous amount of love, who would wait for them her whole life if needed and would never get up one day confused about her feelings and if she really loves them.

  • A hot girl is a hot girl. She can't help the fact that she has scars or not. If a guy is affected by the fact that you have scars, then he's a scumbag and not worth YOUR time.

    But to answer the question, no it isn't a turn off. If a girl is hot, she's hot. Every one of them has a past that has shaped them to be what they are.

    • to the update: You're only thinking it'll be a "no win" situation. YOU are making it a problem. Ever think that he might just not care at all? So what, you have a scar, big deal...Sure, he'll be interested in how you got it, but that's not a bad thing. If he has a problem with it, then he's not meant for you.

    • That's true, guess I will just have to cross that bridge when it comes!

  • Nah scars won't affect guys really.

  • I had open heart also. Zipper club!


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  • If the guy really loves you than he will have no problem with this, people have scars for all types of reasons.

    I have one on my back from spinal surgery, My boyfriends was dying to see my scar, than was disappointed as it is not really that noticeable he said you had a good surgeon.

    We are all different shapes and sizes and have our little flaws...your guy will love you no matter what and if he doesn't well that should be telling you your with the wrong guy!


  • No of course not.

    I had my appendix out last year and I was so paranoid about my scars on my tummy and thought guys would not want me with cause I thought my body looked horrible after the op and the scars. I've been with my boyfriend nearly a year and he said the scars don't bother him. He says he knows the op saved my life and he's glad to have me in his life.

    I'm sure a guy won't be bothered by yours if he is he isn't worth being with :)

    • Sounds like you have a very lovely bf! Nice to hear there are some good ones out there I just go on what I've seen from friends relationships lets just say they ended not so great