What's your favorite franchise in the DC Universe?

Inspired by one of Robotic's more recent polls, I've decided to ask a few questions and polls of my own, based on a similar theme.

If you had to choose a favorite among the various franchises which would you choose?



Wonder Woman

Green Lantern

The Flash

Green Arrow





Blue Beetle



Animal Man


Swamp Thing

Captain Atom

The Question

Justice League (any of them)

Justice Society Of America

Birds of Prey

Doom Patrol

Hawk and Dove

Legion of Super-Heroes (or L.E.G.I.O.N.)




Teen Titans (or Young Justice)

  • Superman
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  • Batman
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  • Green Lantern
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  • Justice League
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  • Other (Please elaborate.)
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Most Helpful Girl

  • I know it's cliche, but I'll always have a sweet spot for Batman. I love him :-)


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What Girls Said 2

  • Robotic is my favorite

  • When I was younger my favorite Saturday morning cartoon was Justice League...actually it still wins as my favorite. I like having a range/crossover of story lines, characters, villains, etc.


What Guys Said 5

  • Superman is the best hero, and everyone know about him for a reason: His relationship with his archenemy is unparalleled.

    Think about it. A person who is nearly God like with super strength, super speed and powers and whatever is still a modest guy who cares for the people. In reality, he believes his "human disguise" of Clark Kent is his real self. In his core, the God-like being wants to just have a normal human life (Clark FREAKED out when he first discovered his powers and hated them). Superman is a disguise that he uses to SAVE mankind instead of wanting to enslave/abuse them as people with superpowers would naturally think of. I think that kind of modesty and simplicity is just something a lot of super heroes lack these days (Iron Man is a douche and Batman is a scary dude who wouldn't give a genuine fck about you other than your safety).

    And his relationship with Lex Luthor is just amazing. Lex Luthor is a genius and he could improve the world if he applied his 12th level intellect along with Superman. But he doesn't because Superman stole his thunder.

    From Luthor's point of view, he's trying to save the world from Superman, a super alien who has earned humanity's approval, while he (Luthor) a human is left in the dust.

    Think about it. If you were really REALLY good in math (and you became so good because of hard work as Luthor was born in poverty), and suddenly some transfer student comes in and is undisputedly better than you in math, you'd obviously start hating him. It's human nature. And the tragic thing is that Superman KNOWS how Luthor feels. Watch All-Star Superman.

    • Oh I have. I actually read the comic when it came out. The singles are signed by the colorist. (Not much but it's a start. Personally I'd really like to get signatures of Morrison an Quitely as well.) I also have the home videos as well. All Star Superman is pretty amazing. By the way, if you like All-Star Superman, check out Flex Mentallo: Man Of Muscle Mystery, or Grant Morrison's NEW X MEN.

    • Haha by the way, I haven't read comics at all. Only seen the shows and movies. Not patient to read comics lol.

      I've seen all DC animated films including Justice League, SupermanTAS, YJustice, Green Lantern films, etc.

    • Fair enough. Yeah, then you might not be interested in Morrison's work outside of that one All-Star Superman movie. His stuff is pretty dense. Like requires a hell of a lot of attention to detail, even outside all the walls of text.

  • I have just begun to read Injustice: Gods Among us and I have to say OMFG!


    Superman stabs the Joker with his bare fist and he has a huge fist !

    • Laaaaaaaaaaaaaame.

    • nooooooooooo, me likey

    • OMFG, I liked how it all began with the joker and tricking Superman and all, but him and Lex Luthor are friends in this wacko dimension is just a bit to much. I see why you think it's lame and I agree hahahaha. WTF are the DC writers thinking? As I said before in a previous question, these alternate dimension versions are frustrating and just plain stupid. phucking lex luthor and superman, buddies. omfg

  • I've watched Batman since childhood, Batman when going to dates, and Batman while chilling at home.

  • It's almost an even draw between Superman/Batman for me. I'm a fan of both characters so I can't just pick one.

  • Batman!

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