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Quantum Computer Implants

So I was doing some research about quantum computing, and it got me thinking. I won't go into details about quantum computers aside from that they're real, they will be immensely more powerful than current computers, and potentially microscopic in size.

Now, allowing that, let's say that within our lifetimes, computers get to the point where they are simply microscopic implants that interface directly with our nervous system. It would be able to directly transmit sights, sounds, tastes, smells and textures directly to your brain. You would operate it the same way you would operate your arm or your leg, you just will it to happen.

I know it sounds kind of freaky, but the possibilities are interesting. It also seems to me like it would be physically possible, if not probable to happen at some point, assuming we don't blow ourselves up in the near future.

My first question is, would you be willing to have a computer that has the ability to directly interact with your nervous system.

You would be able to communicate telepathically with other people with the chip, no more need for a phone.

You would be able to do complex calculus equations in an instant.

You could learn skills like Neo in the Matrix.

Games would be true virtual reality, you could sit on the couch and be fully present in the game world. Or you could go on vacation to Mars. The internet and websites would become physical places. You could literally visit your farm on Farmville in person.

Medically speaking it would be huge. It could control your heart rate and stop a heart attack, send data for the production of antibodies to fight disease, possibly even directly manipulate your genetic structure to cure hereditary diseases, change your eye/hair color, get rid of (or add some more) freckles, potentially even make you taller, skinnier.

It is frightening to consider, I'll admit, considering how possible it seems. It's also frightening to consider how easy it would be to only exist in a virtual world, where you can fly, and don't have to worry about getting physically injured.

My second question is, how appealing do you find virtual reality? Would you spend every second plugged in if you could?
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I should mention that there is of course, no such thing as a "neural interface" at this point in time, nor are there any protoypes, or even plans for one. This is purely speculative, but not impossible.
Quantum Computer Implants
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