How to use e-ticket machine at an airport?

Tips on using e-ticket machine at an airport, and I need it quick, I need specific steps because my understanding is different than most people. Also, where can I find my e-ticket barcode? I found it before, but now I don't remember...

For some reason, guys seem to be more helpful, and if you don't know the answer, then why BOTHER answering? -_- Thanks to the two men who answered...but ladies...seriously-_-?


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  • 1. Print out confirmation e-mail with barcode on it.

    2. Go to the airport.

    3. Place barcode under scanner for scanning

    4. Verify that the information on the screen is correct.

    5. Print Boarding Pass

    *If you have a phone that has an app, you can check in on the app and use the barcode on your phone's screen in place of the paper (this only works in some airports).

    • Thank you :) very helpful sir!

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  • If you didn't print your boarding pass at the time you made you paid for your ticket or had to wait to print your boarding pass, lost it or for any reason it's easy. Simply go to the Kiosk (e ticket machine) & slide your credit card, cash station card through the slot. It will read your name off the strip on the back & ask you to verify some info, name flight, time etc. Follow the prompts & then print.

    Have a nice trip.

    A lot of people have to use the Kiosk because we use our smartphones & are unable to print the boarding pass.


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