Does it mean he likes me if he always compliments my hair and takes me to his apartment when hang out late?

We haven't know each other for so long, just about half a month but I know that we are really hitting on each other. He is a little bit shy when he is with me, but definitely caring and trying to entertain me all the time. Two days ago in the evening I was drinking with my friend and he was drinking with his, not in the same bar but not far, suddenly it rained cats and dogs, because my home is far from that place so I had to go to his house. I was completely wet when I got to his apartment, I had a shower but my clothes was all wet, I have nothing to do so just wearing his towel :p When he heard me finished shower and came out of his bedroom, saw me half naked(I didn't mean to do this and I was also quite embarrassing), he blurted out "Oh god" then turn his back on me unconsciously, but soon turned to me quickly again. I asked for one of his clothes and he gave me his blue T-shirt. It was big on me of course and after I put on it I can see from his eyes that he likes me wearing like that, but I still so embarrassed because I have no pants...I even dare not to see his eyes. He was also half-naked, just with a short pants. He likes skiing and gliding so he's body is really appealing :p At that night nothing happened(I did't want anything to happen and he knew this), but he was really nice to me. Actually he is a smart and caring person, and he is good-looking, don't know whether he does this also for the other girl or just for me. But I'm not a girl that can spend a night in anybody's home, I stayed in his apartment because it rained really hard and I like him :p I asked him to help me with my studies and he was very glad to help, and brought me snacks when he came to my home :p But he is quite busy, only I ask him to go out and he seems really happy to go(normally just two of us) but he seldom asked me go out, instead he always asks me like, "did you study well?" "You need to study" something like that. My study thing is really tough and I know I should study harder...Does he have the same feeling as I do? I really like him, and what should I do next? :(


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  • You answered your own question already.

    If he's not gonna make a move, then you be the one that does it.

    • I can do that, but how...still afraid he will reject me :(

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    • what is "where do you from there"?

    • I meant to say "where do we go from there?". Hopefully he will ask you to be his girlfriend :)

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