Should the girl go first?

Should guys wait till their girl is safe in the car and that her car works, like basically should the girl drive off first instead of the guy


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  • It's just polite to wait. I would never ever just drive off until I knew she was in the car and it started. I would do the same if it was a guy too. If it's late, I'd hate to strand someone if their car didn't start.

    Same with dropping someone off at their home. It's just polite to make sure they get inside, didn't forget their keys or whatever. Then once they are inside it's polite for them to wave or flash the outside light something to show that everything is OK.

    It's all just basic manners.


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  • it depends on if he adheres to chivalry. in this day and age, with cell phones, it's not nearly as big a deal. if the girl shows up in a car that is barely running, he's more apt to. if she shows up in a brand new car, not really necessary. some girls will sabotage their cars or say it won't work to be invited home by a guy. if the guy cares about the girl, yes he should see her to her car, and wait there until she's started out. it shows her that he cares. if he doesn't even walk her to her car, it's a sign that he's not that into her.

    • What about if you been dating for a year and he would walk you to your car but he would kind of just leave you there. Like not make sure your in your car and that you are actually able to leave the parking lot

    • since it's been a year, he probably knows how well you maintain your car. again cell phone. if you do have a problem you could just call. apparently this is what is going on in his mind. if there's no reason to stick around, (you've already kissed goodnight/said goodnight; it's a well lit parking lot, you get the picture) then there's no danger and sticking around isn't warranted. granted, he could stick around for your peace of mind, but apparently you two aren't that close.

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  • rather than anyone waiting to make sure she's 'ok'. its more useful if men don't rape women in the first place.

    • Where did ^that^ come from?

    • someone is waiting to make sure you are . safe

      from what.

      from getting attacked.

      its not going to be a woman attacking you.

  • That makes sense.

  • The rule I always go by is, you both make sure the other is okay. You both make sure the other got on their way okay, driving off "together", looking out for each other.

    I don't think gender matters at all, we should all be on the lookout for those we care for.