Is my boyfriend a racist? (no trolls please, this is a honest question)

I am black and he's white. We have been dating for over a year and we have good times and bad. He's outspoken, I know that from the day we met, but lately there are red flags popping up all over him. We had a huge argument two months ago because he was distant and no matter how I try to talk he disappears, so I gave him his space. I met a Latino guy few days after (as a friend) we started talking and he added me to Facebook, he started liking my pictures and my boyfriend saw and went insane. This is what he said "you're into Latinos now, I sure hope he can f***ing read and write". I was like wtf... he started crying saying if that's how things are now where I need to talk to other guys. I ignored the comment about Latinos because people say things when they're angry.

the next incident were about Jews we were having small talk and I was saying that I didn't know the difference between whites and Jews, he was like don't talk about Jews, I don't like them and that Jews get everything free and always play the victim. I immediately stopped talking.

The last incident happened two days ago, I posted a quote from Marcus Garvey "The Black skin is not a badge of shame, but rather a glorious symbol of national greatness"

and he got angry, calling me a racist for posting such garbage and how it's racist because anything that exclude a race is promoting racismc and completely disregard everything the black race has been through .

I am not going to have this discussion but he kept going and going, so finally I snapped and started throwing racial insults at him and used the term "you people" that's when he calmed down and said that I should just be mindful of what I post cause it may offend others of different races and how would I feel if he posted "proud to be white". I could go on but even though we made up after my heart is closed to him after that argument... brought of a side of me I have never seen.

what a mess :(

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Thanks for the responses. Appreciate it.
Is my boyfriend a racist? (no trolls please, this is a honest question)
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