How to stop my neighbors from parking in front of my house?

I really need solutions to this before I bring this whole situation to the court. It has been like 5 years that they really to park their cars in front of my house. Okay I know what you guys/girls have been thinking while reading the above statement, that the front piece of land is the govt's, unfortunately no it's not the govt's I've checked at the land office to make sure as I said before legally taking action and the land where they love to park their cars it's legally mine. In my neighborhood there's no sidewalk ,the properties here is directly connected to the road but when my parents built this house they didn't fully built the house as big as our property they left a bit of piece of land in front so that just in case we're having gathering or anything people can just park their cars in front there. We've been patient with this, by the way I bought this house from my parents because my parents moved a year ago to the countryside and I can't take it anymore.

Sometimes it's really hard for my car to go out of my driveway because the car that parks in front of my house is semi-blocking my way. The A neighbor they have like more than 10 cars but no parking at all. I stay alone together with my siblings, but then every time my relatives come to my place to accompany me they'll be having hard time to park. Then road can occupy one car but with the addition of our piece of land both can occupy 2 cars moving in an opposite way same time but because of they park their cars there the road became narrower.

But then I called my parents yesterday they were like it's not good to have friction with the neighbors and such bla..bla.. especially my dad he's such a patient guy, so I told my lawyer to hold back this whole going to court thing for a while and that's why I turned to girlsaskguys website to find better solutions to solve this whole my neighbors being rude by parking in front of my land.

a) I need proper solutions without hurting anybody's feelings?
How to stop my neighbors from parking in front of my house?
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