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Is she just playing games? why does she still text me?

I'll try and sum it up...

Dated a girl for 2 years just about.Never loved anyone the way I loved her.The way she made me feel,the way she made me want to succeed, the way she made me look at the world in a different way...i Loved her with everything I had.Anyway she claims she was always just so busy working.So I didn't want to be the jealous boyfriend who questions her.So after quite along time of things that just didn't add up.Stories that consisted of my brother tried to kill himself,my mom has breast cancer,my friend from college died.All in the same day...Yea I didn't believe it.In fact I really didn't believe a lot of things she said to me but for once in my life I was trying to act like an adult about it.Not be that pushy jealous boyfriend who she hates...So things just get to a point where I need some sore of proof.I didn't have Facebook at the time well she was friends with a friend of mine..Asked him for him password and email.Go back and look at the whole 2 years...I mean its like that girl I loved was someone completely different on Facebook.There was some sort of things left from the past at the start.She was at bars,sporting events,with other guys...I mean just everything.The whole day about her brother trying to kill himself and her mom having breast cancer well on Facebook she was definitely cutting hay with another guy...Texted her and I said I saw your whole Facebook.Called her out on a few big things...She says I love you your a great guy not for me.No I'm sorry no apology.Nothing...Texts me weeks later saying she's a mess and she's worthless and everyone deserves better than her after we Haven't talked at all...Shes with some new guy.That guy she was with before...from the start there were issues.Lets just say I had the gut feeling...She was adopted bla bla bla.I mean things I would never wish upon anyone.But now I don't kno if any of that was true.I don't want to say she's a narcissist but I mean she has every aspect of it...We talk a little here and there.No closure she talks about meeting up and never does.Im not mad...I guess I'm hurt.The woman I loved the woman I wanted to marry turned out to be nothing I thought she was...love to me is a promise.its with every mistake you make and every disagreement we have I won't walk away.Ill fight and make this work.Its a promise that no matter what...My heart is yours and I will do anything I can to make you happy.So my question is what do I do?I know you guys are thinking WHAT IS WRONG WITH ME.I love her...this isn't a pathetic I can't live without her.Im moving on things in my life are going fine.The feeling I have for her is breathe taking though.You know everyone says you know when she's the one...I feel she is the one.Any advice on what to do...what to say...and please don't sit here and say I'm an idiot etc..Put youself in my shoes for just one second and think about it
Is she just playing games? why does she still text me?
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