Why do men always feel the need to touch me?

Lately I have noticed that when I am at work especially (school setting) my male coworkers feel the need to TOUCH me. I was walking and the custodian opened the door for me. He also felt the need to guide me into the cafeteria with his hand on my back. The Vice Principal also touches my back or shoulder in passing, with a hey sweetie...this is just a couple examples of many even outside of work. They all do this thing where they wink at me at random times. WHAT DOES THIS STUFF MEAN?...not that it is a cultural thing but I have noticed NOT all BUT majority of these men are white...At first I thought they view me as a sweet young woman...I am only 106lbs so I have the childlike similarities...but its been happening so much lately. Strange.


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  • i guess your just a ... fun person to touch? you never mentioned your thoughts or feelings about this. Does it bother you? or not? This seems like a self-perspective kind of problem. I'd feel great if all the cute single girls randomly touched me. Not to sound perverted or anything. I think it would be easier to date women. However, the other day this ridiculously adorable girl gave me a bear hug. Didn't even know her.

    It's about how the person who is being touched feels about their environment.

    • I am the sort of woman who doesn't want a man to touch me unless I give them permission to do so. I feel it crosses my comfort boundaries. I just have to figue out a good line to use to make them feel as uncomfortable as the way they make me feel without them hating me.lol...btw some of thes men are married which is a double GROSS!

    • the married ones are the ones who are the most flirtatious. Men or women.

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  • Trust me, I'm a real man and I'm going to tell you exactly why they do it. They are attracted to you and the closest they can get to fucking you is to touch you in the ways they are touching u, in other words, socially acceptable ways. I know this creeps you out, but that's why they do it


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  • I'm a girl and I like to touch the good-looking guys, keyword: GOOD-LOOKING. And since I'm an attractive girl myself, they enjoy it :)))

    However, I know some guys that I would never think of touching. Eeeew...

    • Lol and some you would never want to touch you.

    • Well seeing as you're in the 25-28 age range, and also a female, it's no wonder that you're jealous of my youth and beauty. So far, I've never encountered a guy who does not like making physical contact with me. Do not take any offense to my words, I mean, I'm just stating facts :)

  • idk where you're from but I'm from the south and this happens all the time here lol its a gentlemanly thing. touch=comfort a lot of the time.

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