Am I really being a controlling girlfriend?

i have my boyfriends Facebook info and he has mine, and i know he gets on mine sometimes and every once in a while i will get on his. well i got on today and he had been messaging his friend and his friend said i was being controlling and my boyfriend said yes, and its apparently cause i get on and delete people or block them, and i only did that once with his permission about a year ago. he proposed to me on Sunday and he hasn't talked to me a lot since, he says its cause of work, and he has 3 jobs, but he has always made time for me before. so im freaking out a bit cause he is my life, and i dont want to be controlling and im not, but i get mad at him when he lies to me about snapchatting other girls or texting them, cause they tell me they are talking to him and he says he doesnt, and when i show that they told me they were talking, he apologizes for lying and says he is only trying to protect me. i mean its not like i make him stay home with me. he goes out with his friends and parties and i trust him so what do i do
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+1 y
I've never stopped him from doing anything and i dont go through his stuff
Am I really being a controlling girlfriend?
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