Should I either pursue or ignore these girls? why do they flake?

so i have two girls in mind when i ask this question

girl1: have a little bit of a mini past we talked for a little got closer then she pulled away. dont know why she just did, i dont question it anymore. but recently we were texting and we agreed to hang out again. asked me when i was free, we couldnt do it that week so agreed next week. since then i tried on 2 or 3 different occasions to hang out with this girl, the most recent asked if she wanted to see a movie didn't even respond so i haven't tried talking to her since. i was advised by a friend that when girls act like this i shouldn't pull away. i think i should pull away. right now she is at a party im suppose to be at and i bailed cause i didn't want to see her there. bear in mind we are suppose to be friends. im not looking for her attention but i secretly want it. by the way if i send her a snap chat see will wait for almost a full day to check it.

girl2: less complicated, asked her if she wanted to catch a movie with me she said yes, but ended up cancelling cause of plains she already had. asked for the next week she told me when she was free. but when the day came around she didn't reply to my hi text and when i texted again if she still wanted to see the movie she replied she's sorry for not getting back earlier but she forgot she had a friends bday party tonight. told her it was fine and left it there. decided to give it another chance asked her to hang out with me and she didn't even reply. so i just dont text her at all anymore.
what should i do why do these girls keep flaking on me?

oh and theirs another girl who we made a bet and whoever lost the other had to take them to dinner.( her idea) i lost and i brought it up to her twice and the bet ended 3 months ago. at first she said she hadn't made up her mind where. now she just smiles and says she remember
should i pull away, stop with the snap chats and the text and just stay away even if they contact me, or keep up with the pursuit.
Should I either pursue or ignore these girls? why do they flake?
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