Why does he keep me around?

I dated a guy a few years ago, and we never had anything serious, but it was def heading in that direction, and he said it too. We ended up going our separate ways, with no words actually we just kind of stopped calling each other, it was very odd. He told me he did that because he didn't want to say "i don't want anything serious" because I might have taken it the wrong way and never given him the chance when he was ready. I haven't seen him in a few years and he's had his fun with girls, and has some younger girl as his girlfriend now, who he assures he would never settle down with. For the past year he has been contacting me, I have not reached out at all. He talks about us, and the times we were together etc., and keeps in contact with me. My gut tells me that he is telling me the truth. We never even had sex when we were together so I know its not that. What do you think? Guys perspective would be great, because I know guys think different on these things than girls do.
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I know he does want to see me because he has mentioned it, but of course I'm hesitant since he has a girlfriend. He's also said things can still work out btw us, if that means anything.
Why does he keep me around?
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