Can you love someone you've never met?

About five months ago, I met this guy online. I know it sounds absolutely insane and you're probably rolling your eyes now because that's exactly what I would do in your position.

We text every day and have talked on the phone for countless hours. Yes, I know that he is who he says he is because we have Skyped and Snapchatted and everything he says checks out. So no, I am not being catfished. With all of my heart I believe that he has told me nothing but the truth.

He is everything that I look for in a person. He is smart, attractive, kind, funny, interesting, unique, passionate, and just an overall genuine person. He tells me he loves me, and while I care about him deeply, I question whether you can actually love someone that you've never met.

What are your opinions? Have you ever been in the same situation? Do you think it's possible to love someone you've never met?
Can you love someone you've never met?
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