Should I feel bad about this?

My bf has this best friend who is kind of a douche bag, but we still get along pretty well.
Last week we were suppose to go to Ocean City, MD with him, which is about a four hour drive from where we live.
His friend planned the trip and my bf was suppose to give him money for the hotel, but failed to tell us he booked one room for seven people that sleeps 4. That meant at least one of us was sleeping on the floor. He also failed to mention all they wanted to do was go to bars.
I told my bf I didn't want to stay in the hotel, and I wasn't leaving the state to go to bars all day, but I would go to one or two. And that I wanted to go to the beach for a while. I can't even drink due to health problems. His friend was annoyed and tried to convince us to stay. We said we would go for the day, then he said not to bother. I later found out he lied about how many people were staying, it was really suppose to be 11.
That weekend my bf surprised me with tickets to see my favorite band. He tagged me in a status. His friend commented telling my bf to try not to throw up. All I said back was the band was better than the dumb country concert they dragged me to. (It was pretty awful. lol)
Now he hasn't talked to my bf at all. My bf texted him eight days ago, and he still hasn't texted him back.
I don't want to come in between them. I feel like I tried to compromise about Ocean City, but I don't know what's up.
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I should probably also add in that they normally talk on a daily basis, and we hang out as a group almost weekly. He works part time and doesn't have kids, a gf (a friends with benefits yes, but no gf), no sick relatives. So he's never very busy.
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I forgot to mention that I told my bf he could go without me, but he said he didn't want to.
Should I feel bad about this?
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