Girlfriend is messaging a woman she had an affair with?

We are in a lesbian relationship. We have been together 5 1|2 years and live together.

While we were still dating initially, my girlfriend went on a few dates with another woman that worked in the same place.
At the time, I didn't see that I had any cause to object to this as we were just dating.

We ended up together and now have a house and lige together. Over the past few years, this other woman has resurfaced at my girlfriends place of work from time to time until she ledt for good about 2 years ago.
Each time she has reappeared it has led to disharmony between my gf and me. My gf said things like "she's so damn hot" and "she's so adventurous".
Little things perhaps.
a few weeks ago, my gf requested this woman as a friend on Facebook which I exploded about.. whywould she feel the need to get in touch after 2 years?

Today, I log onto the computer to send some. emails and decide to log into Facebook to check out some photos my sister posted. My gfs Facebook came up as default and there are all the messages between her and this woman over the last two weeks since the friend request.
My gf is telling this woman that she had to hey back in touch as she was thinking about her all the time and that she wants her to go back and work in the same place as she misses perving over her.

After I got angry about the fb friend request, my gf told. me she had blocked this woman from fb, and after a big argument said sorry and said she wouldn't be in touch with her again.
And now I find that she has been in constant contact with her ever since and telling her how much she misses her and thinks she's still really hot and has dreams about her.

I'm sure I know in. my head what needs to be done here.

Any advice?
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I asked her if straight out a few minutes ago. if she had been in touch with this woman and she denied it outright!
She basically made it all about how evil I was for looking at her fb messages calling me all sorts of names like psycho and freak
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And now I've been told that she wants me out of the house by the time she gets hime from work, to pack all my stuff and be gone by this evening or her father will come and make. me leave and put all my stuff in the tip
Girlfriend is messaging a woman she had an affair with?
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