Anyone got a some useful guaranteed tips/advice to improve one's confidence?

Anyone got a some useful guaranteed tips/advice to improve one's confidence?


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  • Okay i had your same problem with confidence but even worse, cause on top of the low confidence i had i used to think that i am ugly and i was verrrry shy around girls. thank god now i am nothing like that cause i decided to work on myself. Here is some of what i did, i hope u find it useful.
    Before i start, the main thing u need to know is that u can't obtain confidence if u were not satisfied with urself. Once u r Fully satisfied with urself, ur confidence lvl will be OVER THE TOP.
    So basically what we need to do is obtain self satisfaction, and this is how its done. First u ask urself and confess to urself (usually when we hate something about ourselves we try to deny it and thats dangerous); what do i hate about myself? and how do i fix it.
    Here's some of the stuff i found out after i tried to be honest with myself:
    1. weak character. I used to be bullied and put into embarrassing situations and not know what to do or act to it.
    2. Fear, even though i knew i am strong (i've always been athletic) i had fear to face people especially the ones who bully me. When i confronted someone the fear overwhelmed me and my heart pounds really hard so i end up trying my best to avoid confrontation. which can be costly when u do cause u become a tool since people know u won't do anything about it.
    3. very shy and very low self esteem around girls (the reason behind that is number 1 & 2)
    4. thinking i am ugly.
    5. not very social.
    6. feeling not important. Because i had weak character and was bullied in school, i had no respect. No one cared about my opinion, no one cares what i think, if i try to say my opinion to class friends they shut me up saying or just ignore it. in other words, felt like SHYT.

    There's more but those ones r the most common problems in males. Here is how i dealt with it (i'l continue in comment since no more space).

    • Here's how i dealt with my problems:
      First of all, the fact that i always loved being atheletic helped A LOT. It gave me a lot of confidence and self esteem boost as time passed cause the more athletic i became the more happy and satisfied i was with myself.
      second of all, i decided to face my problems, especially my fear. And facing ur fear is one of the most difficult things u will ever do in ur life and requires a lot of WILL power. So i faced one of the guys who bullied me just to put myself under that fear situation and tried to fight it, we fought. Luckily i did not die but i learned that from now on i will always face my fear and my problems. The fear does not disappear from the first time btw, u need to face it a lot for it to disappear, but one thing for sure is that it definitely gets easier and easier as u do it.

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    • well now that u said it, i noticed rarely ever get angry. But i think its because i consider those angry-making situations one of the situations im supposed to be able to deal with comfortably, so i don't feel the angriness.

      Anyway im glad i was able to help u. good luck man, it won't be easy. but it will be very interesting.

    • one last thing, don't forget that the main thing ur trying to achieve is complete self satisfaction.
      Also, don't put in ur mind that u want to change urself, ur not trying to change urself. Ur trying to improve urself. u dont want to be someone who u r not.

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  • It depends on the situation, but I think there's three universal things you should remember:

    If you try and fail, try again, because of the thousands of ways that something can go wrong, you can find the way it goes right. Might not be on the first try, just like playing a game of catch or playing an instrument, it requires practice and knowledge.

    Stay positive. Even if your world is crashing down, find something, anything that is positive to hold on to. Embrace what you do have, and use it well. Don't think about what you don't have, because one day you will have it if you try hard enough.

    It's OK to give up, give in or give out. But it's only OK if you were trying you hardest, and it's only OK if you are going to try again. Don't ever truly give up, only momentary stuff. Never say 'I can't do this because _____" always say "I CAN do this, because I have the willpower to!'

    Hope this helps.

    • Also, NEVER expect anything at all from anyone or anything and you'll never become disappointed. If you are asking a girl out, don't expect her to say yes. If you are trying to lose weight, don't expect to lose it the next day. ect.

    • I'm really negative & I always expect things without even trying & so I get disappointed really easy. I understand what you're trying to tell me, thanks for your advice :)

    • I am the same way, but I immerse myself in positive things so that I can focus on those instead. I've been let down enough times to stop expecting the worst, or the best.

  • Looking at uglier people so that you know it could always be worse so make due with what you got.


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  • Stop caring so much, and don't be a dick. If you stop caring what happens (to an extent)--or, what the outcome will be--then you'll find it much easier to do things. Comfort can take awhile to develop, but once you're comfortable in a place or situation, confidence develops. So, like Argus said, practice, practice, practice.

  • Confidence comes with competence. So just practice at what your bad at until you are good at it.

    • I agree with this. I wish i had to ability to summarize everything i just said in one sentence like that hahahaha xD

    • I agree with this also, I will try to practice at the things that I am incompetent at. Thanks for you advice :)

  • Be better. Confidence isn't something you can fake, it's a symptom of being a worthwhile person. Make efforts, get better, and you'll be confident.

  • Eat a devil fruit?


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