My boyfriend doesn't care about me anymore.

He eats out with his friends everyday and doesn't even ask me if I have eaten anything. He doesn't text or call me unless I initiate it. He doesn't like spending on me, and expects me to pay back for every little thing. In bed, even if I am not in the mood, he'll try to convince me to do it and sometimes using force as in to pin me down so that I can't push him off. He likes kissing and doing sexual stuff but he doesn't like hanging out with me or talking to me.

I feel like he doesn't care. He doesn't share his problems with me and he never helps me out when I am in one. He just likes getting physical with me.

But there was a time when he used to ask me out on dates and would always have time for me. He would text me throughout the day and would be on the phone with me at night.

I miss all of that. I want him to care and respect me again.

Where am I going wrong?


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  • And why should he care?

    You've got to be enchanting to him or he simply will ignore you for the most part. There is no such thing as a free lunch, or free love. You have to merit it through personal excellence.

    • I pay for my lunch. And what do you mean by I have to merit it? I am his gf, don't I have the right to spend time with him?

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  • You are not doing anything wrong based on what you have written.

    Other than not putting your foot down and telling him to show you respect.

    The "pinning you down" portion of this is enough of a problem that I am going to highly suggest you end this relationship.

    It would be one thing if that was part of how you both interacted in the bedroom, but if this is a constant violation of you, you need to get away from this guy and keep him away.

    The other issues you have raised are important parts to a successful relationship, and are things that can be talked about.

    However, his use of physical force, which is not acceptable to you, is the priority here.

    Time to move on from this guy, he's not going to change because he has no motivation to change, and that it is something that has to come from within.

  • I honestly have the feeling that the whole 'using force in bed' -part was very carefully crafted to make us see your boyfriend as some kind of bad guy and fire up our protective instincts.

    Okay, so we've established that you want him to spend on you, hang out with you, talk to you, share his problems with you, help you out, ask you out on dates, have time for you, text you throughout the day and be on the phone with you at night. What's he getting in return? Please don't answer sex, god please don't answer that.

    • He does force me in bed but I don't mind it because at least he's happy and we get to be together during that time.

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  • hes just using you for sex. dump his sorry ass and find a real man who will love & respect you and give you everything you are looking for in a relationship. don't waste your time trying to change someone, cause you cant.

  • Dump him. Your not getting what you want from the relationship and neither is he because he doesn't seem to care about you like he used to and would rather spend time with his friends. you even tell him how you feel? but to me it doesn't even seem like he's giving you any sort of attention unless he wants to or gets what he wants out of it.

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