How long will it take to get over my ex?

I dated him for 3 months, we had me through Eharmony. Things were going really well, then something happened. And things just weren't the same. We almost broke up, he had said let's just be friends but we ended up staying together. 3 weeks ago we decided to go on a break. And just last week I ended it officially with him. I kinda did it in a text and I wish I did it differently but I was scared to see him, and he would pull me back in.

I wasn't getting what I wanted in the relationship. Since the incident, he stopped being affectionate, no kissing, etc. We never had sex, he never asked me to be his girlfriend (although he says he told his friends I was even though I had NO IDEA!!!)

I has to end it. He also would go days not texting me, and we hardly saw each other.

I loved him, I told him that. He didn't say it back until the relationship was ending and he said he loved me in a voicemail.

I still miss him, even when I am hanging out with this new guy who has been more attententive to me, more affectionate, compliments me way more than the other guy ever did. Our first date he said to me, "you are more beautiful in person." I was speechless, best compliment ever.

Even when I am with him, my mind sometimes drifts to the other guy (my ex), and he's usually on my mind at night.

I miss him, and I still cry sometimes but not as much as I thought probably cause the new guy is keeping me stable. Without him, I'd probably be a mess and depressed.

I also keep looking at my ex's Facebook page, I still have pictures of him and one of us together. I did delete him as a friend. It I still see his posts.

How long is this gonna take to get over him? I feel like I gave him a piece of my heart and I don't think I will ever get it back. It hurts and I still care about him. But I deserve better. He had even walked out on me when I was crying when I asked him to stay, I needed him that night and he wasn't there for me,
3 months, the time you were with him
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A couple of weeks to a month maybe
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Probably never, but it gets easier. He'll always be a part of you.
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Forget him, he's a jerk, move on. You'll be okay!
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How long will it take to get over my ex?
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