Did he never like me? Why does he keep looking at me if he didn't?

I am a single woman in her late 20's. I've had this crush on a guy that works in my building (different company) for a long time (he has no idea)... We had this thing going on where we would make eye contact from accross the lobby or car park and I would catch him looking at me but we never actually spoke.
About 12 months ago I moved into a new apartment block and got a shock when I bumped into him in the lift - he lives there too! So ever since whenever we bump into each other we are friendly even though it's still awkward. He even offered to help me move stuff and told me to go buzz his apartment.
Unfortunately though he has a girlfriend who he lives with. And knowing this I would let it go but I don't think they are on good terms as I overheard a huge argument about her eating habits (she is obese). So I'm thinking they may break up.
But then something happened that made me think he was as asshole. I had to go down with my male flatmate to his apartment cos I dropped some washing off the balcony into his yard. He was so hostile when we were at the door. He was rude to my flatmate and barely acknowledged me.

My friends told me to forget about him cos he is arrogant. Ever since then I have been ignoring him in the foyer at work and he has been doing the same... Except when he thinks I'm not looking he still looks at me. But if we make eye contact he looks down at the ground.
So I'm ignoring him cos he was rude but I miss the connection we had. And now I'm wondering, if he did happen to secretly like me and he does break up with his gf, he won't bother asking me out cos now I'm ignoring him. But at the same time I think maybe he doesn't give a shit and never was into me, so I have to have some pride and show him I don't care by ignoring him.
I don't know what to do. If I continue ignoring him will we never get together? If he breaks up with his gf then will he just go out with someone else... And that someone could have been me?
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Did he never like me? Why does he keep looking at me if he didn't?
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