Young guys' attraction to much older women?

why? what attracts you? seems we would not be the physical norm for you.


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  • Basically, 99% of girls our age are still, well, girls. They are insecure, don't know what they want, and will play every manner of game imaginable with you.

    Older women tend to be more grounded, and know what they are looking for from men, and are very upfront about that. They make both expectations and boundaries abundantly clear. This is a huge turn-on for men.

    also, older women are just better in the sack. It usually takes a girl until their mid-20s(if not later) to figure out there is more to sex than you just laying there. Older women know what makes them, and their partner, feel good...and are not afraid to take charge.

    The combination of these two can be irresistible to the right guy in the right situation.

    • He pretty much hit the nail on the head.. every single point.. (no more, no less)

    • Yes, I didn't bother answering when I read this. he said it all.

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  • first of all,

    i think you'd be surprised just how open guys would be with exploring something other than the "ideal perfect Victoria's Secret model"

    what men value more than great looks, is sexual honesty

    when you're with a younger woman, sex is very conditional:

    Only if ____, then sex

    If ____, then sex

    Unless ____, then no sex

    If ____, then no sex

    and if guys wanted a prostitute, they would just hire one:

    If you pay me, then we'll have sex

    If you don't pay me, then we won't have sex

    Unless you pay me, then we won't have sex

    Only if you pay me, will we have sex

    but I think that defeats the purpose of having sex.

    not ALL guys have a thing for older women. some guys reach the age of 50 and still chase after teens or girls in their early 20's (as in 20-23). those are guys who just care about sex and the way someone looks. they don't care about any deeper meaning beyond that.

    but then there're some guys who do. and the reason they don't like conditional sex is the same reason they don't go around raping and hiring prostitutes. the beauty of sex isn't in having sex. it's about feeling accepted, feeling wanted, feeling cared for, appreciated, and loved. if I'm in the mood and we're not going to have sex because we didn't go shopping yesterday, or if the only reason we're having sex is because we went shopping yesterday; then no thanks.

    so besides the emotional maturity (which is a big plus on its own), and the fact that she has her financial sh*t together and doesn't expect you to be her financial benefactor through life, starts to paint a very appealing picture for a lot of guys.

    in a guy's mind, this isn't someone who looks at him as a wallet or workhorse. this is a person who sees him as a person. as a brain, as a face, as a body, as a penis, as a heart, and as a wallet. an older woman makes him feel SAFER than a younger girl, because he feels MORE SECURE in knowing that she really wants him. she's not looking for a guy to leech off of. she's not looking to just be in a relationship so she doesn't feel lonely on valentine's day. she wants a human being next to her, a real relationship, and genuine honest love.

    and that caters to a guy's emotional needs. to feel accepted and wanted (not only financially, but sexually and emotionally as well). he feels appreciated and loved. and a part of him longs to feel sexy (since it's a role guys usually don't get to play out). so a lot of guys actually get turned-on over the idea of making an older woman feel young and sexy again. they like the idea of being her hot young stud, yet simultaneously emotionally mature & financially successful enough for her to prefer the general package of him over some older guy.

    I know I've fantasized about having sex with older women I wasn't even physically attracted to. Part of it was their personality which created sexual attraction, but part of it was just the fact that she was older and I was younger, and that I could please her and make her feel young & sexy again.

  • Because sometimes there's more value in it. The conversation is of a high calibre, the woman is devilishly attractive and, how can I put this, I think younger guys actually WANT to please the woman more, whereas with a girl their own age it's all discovery, trial & error and fast.

    Tequila might be short and sharp with a hot burn but Scotch whisky is matured for a dozen years, or 18, sometimes longer and still has the heat, the flavour, the body, the legs, the satisfied feeling after tasting and is far better to savour for longer :-)

  • Well the young girls are chasing after old men with money, that leaves us to chase after the older women that the old men are ignoring, it makes perfect sense!

  • personally I've never really found "older" women attractive. I would prefer to start young and grow old with them and treasure their aging rather than trying to hump a cougar, no thanks. I've always dated a little younger because girls my age are usually trying to hook up with rich 30 somethings and it really bothers me but I'm happy a girl now who's a few years younger.

    • I think that is the difference. You are talking about dating a girl for a relationship, where a certain amount of guys want an older woman just for a roll in the hay, nothing more. I am suspect of most younger guys that express interest because I strongly believe that is all they want. Not always true but more often than not it is.

  • Experience, and like in american pie its hot to do a milf. They can teach you things you never knew and also you can test if your better than many others. Its all a confidence boost

  • With me its the maturity. I had to grow up quick as a kid, I just turned 20 but I act much older and girls my age are nothing but fighting whining and drama. I love women who know what they want how to get it and will take responsibitly for anything that they have done and not try to pen it on someone else. I love older mature women.

  • I would love to have sex with an older women 30-40.


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  • Some guys want a hook up but some guys actually like being in a relationship with one. I am 34 and I am dating a 20 year old. We have lots of fun together. we just bond and we haven't had sex yet because I respect myself more than that. We do have a physical attraction but I want him for more than his body even though it is a sexy body indeed. he likes me as a person not my age. I would never have thought I would like someone that young but I am glad I gave him a chance. For guys who think older women come with baggage I don't have kids or have been married. I don't look my age either. My relationship is not just older woman younger man it is also interracial.

  • i usually have younger guys asking me out but I prefer to go with guys my age.