Should I Take Him Back?

Okay,I'd been talking to a Co-Worker at work. But it wasn't like we were together. Legally,he's married. Though his wife and him are estranged. Filing and all that jazz. Everyone knows the situation,because she's someone we all know by association. Anyways,the Co-Worker and I didn't like each other but we let a strong connection build. To the point that we talked on the phone almost every night. We'd talk after work,for long periods of times. About how we argue and how we need to get better.

Eventually he was telling me he wanted me to just admit that we were "together". And I couldn't admit it. Because I told him,he had a lot going on and I didn't know. Then we'd make plans,but couldn't connect. Mainly,it was me. Somehow we just fell off. Stopped calling each other. We're both headstrong. No official,we're done or anything. We just stopped calling each other. Yet we work together,so it's kinda odd. Especially when he started being all mean towards me at work.

My friends think it's because he had an accident and I ignore him. Acted as if I didn't care. But that was during his mean period,so yeah petulantly I ignore him. He was an ass. So now it seems as if him and his wife have reconciled or something. So I backed away. Hoped for the best. But he still plays games with me. Telling another guy that we work with,that I think he's hot and stuff. The guy is. But that's not his place. Still trying to physically play with me. Eventually he comes back and shows off something new he got,while I'm there. And picks up some things telling some people that he's helping with moving his wife out of his house. I hear it,but ignore it nevertheless.

I don't know if it's smart to get involved with this guy. We're both leaders of this Corporation. And when we talk it's amazing. We can literally talk for hours. And whenever we get something to eat,we go to a place that stays open. Because we'll be there talking for like 6 hours. He tells me everything about him,his past. Present. What he wants for his future. Regrets and mistakes. But maybe he's just meant to be a person that is just there in my life? Jeesh I remember when he drove me to my car when it was raining,because I asked and it was only 6 feet away. Though he had to run to his first.

But he's still legally married. And we still have problems. It seems like he wanted more from me,in his situation. So, should I take him back?
Should I Take Him Back?
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