Guy friend with benefits... Does he love me?

Ok, so I had a friends with benefits relationship with one of my guy friends... But, unsurprisingly, we started really liking each other. However, I'm wondering if he loves me... He hasn't straight up said "I love you" but he always seems to hint at it- like if a song about love comes on he says "this song is us" and always says he loves aspects in me. And then we text and he sent this, but I'm confused... I don't love him, I care about him a lot though, and I always just awkwardly laugh when he says the word love. I definitely could see myself falling for him, but it's only been 2 months... Been friends for a year. What do you think? Thank you!

Text with him-

11:45pm ME- Good night. It's so hard to say goodbye to you...
11:50pm HIM- I know you too babe
Usually when both of us have that problem it's a thing called L O V E... have you heard about it. ha ha=]
12:01am ME- Love is a pretty big word sexy ;-) I have heard about it
12:11am HIM- Just being an open book babe =] you're right, love is a big word
12:20am ME- Does this mean you love me?
(Fell asleep and didn't have phone until 2pm next day because of ocean activities)
10:00am HIM- I still really really really really really really really really really really like you a lot babe. We have a pretty strong connection babe and that makes me a happy camper xoxo, miss you...
1:05pm HIM- The topic about love is still up for discussion k babe. don't want to scare you away k =]
1:20pm HIM- What we have together is awesome and I couldn't ask for anything more k
Guy friend with benefits... Does he love me?
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