Why am I so paranoid about my relationship?

so I've been going out with my girlfriend for 7 months and I love her a lot! but every time things don't go the way I wanted it (she doesn't kiss me or she doesn't show me attention) I get so scared that things aren't going good.

She has a lot of friends that are guys (that I know actually like her a lot) who always flirt with her and I talk to her about it and she blows it off. I am scared to death she is going to cheat on me or break up with me

. I have been cheated on before but it really didn't effect me. but if my present girlfriend cheated on me I would be torn. why do I feel this way?


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  • Awhh this is natural to feel this way, sure I feel like this with my everyday friends XD the reason she blows it off talking about her guy friends liking her is because she doesn't see a problem, she obviously doesn't like them so there's nothing to worry about. She's with you and that's all that matters :) just relax and try not over think things either :D just kind of go with the flow and you'll e fine :) hope this helps :D


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  • Been there, done that man. You are on a one way street to getting dumped.

    To get rid of this you need to work on yourself. Gain some more confidence and lose your insecurities. You have to look at yourself as an equal to her. You have to think "why would she cheat on me? I'm everything she needs and I know I'm special to her - hey, she's dating me!". That sounds cheesy, but I hope you get what I mean. You have to give value to yourself and realize the value to her and that she doesn't want someone else. You could just as easily cheat on her . Not that you want to, but she has to deal with the same possibility.

    A joke to end it from the movie 40 Year Old Virgin ...

    "You're putting the p**** on a pedestal!"

    You need to see yourself as just important to her as she is to you and these worries will go away.

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