Where can I find my perfect woman?

I know what I like. I know what I want.

I want a girl that has the personality that I am looking for.

I want a girl that I find attractive.

I want a girl that is honest.

I want a girl whose hobbies are not limited to the following:


Talking about Men

Celebrity Gossip

Reality TV shows



She has to love sex with only me!

So where is the best place to find her?


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  • I like that you said "my" perfect woman, rather than "the" perfect woman. I think we all have the opportunity to find someone who is perfect just for us. Even if they don't have everything on "the list" when you find that someone, some of those things just don't seem important anymore.

    If you're having trouble meeting new girls, I'd agree with the idea to try online dating. You'll probably have to go on a few dates before you find someone you want to spend more time with, but at least you're getting out there and meeting people and finding out what you don't want, and more about what you do.

    Good luck! :)


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  • OK - this is what everybody needs to get straight - THERE'S NO SUCH THING AS PERFECTION!!! Remember that - even if she's made in your mind and you think a girl like that exists - SHE DOESN'T EXIST! Why can't you people be happy with who you got or who you get - yes there are circumstances that the person you may get may turn you off and change you into something that you don't want to be or your not but those are the reasons to not stay with the that person! Perfection doesn't exist - it can't exist can you imagine if every each person was perfect in every way - wouldn't you find that boring - I mean I would! You can't ask for someone the way you want them to be - the way you described her it's like you were ordering her out of a store or online - you can't get the whole package and expect to receive a wonder and a beauty. Attractiveness is something that almost every person has even if they are unattractive on the physical appearance! Honesty is some thing that also everybody has but people are only honest within a relationship is when they find the right partner for life! Personality isn't that what makes up the character of the girl? Wouldn't her personality be based on honesty, disagreements and integrity?

    Just so you know it's in girls nature to flirt, shop, talk about men (unless she loves you), and entertainment... just like men like to flirt same as women we're all not that different from each other just some parts that we don't have that the other species does! And sex she'll definitely love it with you only if she loves you! You know people are so impatient - we want to have everything at once not realizing maybe this isn't our time yet - maybe God doesn't think you need someone yet - just cause you think you may be ready for a long term commitment or marriage or relationship or whatever it is you want - god thinks otherwise!

    Have you heard of a saying "patience is a virtue" - well if you did use it a lot cause that's what your going to need for now! And yes I know men can't keep their privates inside their pants for a long time but maybe for now you need to! You can't find her that easily cause she doesn't exist - take hyp65 advice - go out and meet people - you may meet her on a train, on a bus, through mutual friends or even at work but if only your patient and understanding and trust me on it - you'll know when you found her that she's the right one for you! Just have patience and all will be well!

    • Gee, what a sexist comment. That one about "men can't keep their privates inside their pants for a long time. " Talk about a stereotype! (LOL) You owe those of us who can,and do, an apology! (LOL) We're not all sex fiends! Some of us have morals, too!

    • Ok ok ok sorry but I did meet guys who are like that - I'm sorry sir and to all those who do keep it inside! Yea it is kinda like a stereotype - your right hey but what the answer good?

    • Its amazing how some people only see what they want. I said not "limited to" flirting, talking about men, celebrity gossip, reality tv shows, shopping and drinking. And what makes you think I can't keep my privates in my pants. I'll have you know I'm the one always wants to wait in my relationships. The women I have dated have been all to ready to tear off my clothes on the second and third date. And as for God, well. God has a lot more shit to deal with then my love life.

  • Other than your fantasy, there isn't a specific place to find her hun. You'll find her when you're not looking for her. There's a really amazing book called The Alchemist, by Paulo Coelho, that I suggest you read. You may be able to relate to it and find inspiration from it as I have. Everybody wants that perfect person, but when you fall in love with somebody, you realize that imperfection is what makes us unique and beautiful. Just keep doing the dating thing until you find what you're looking for, you may be caught by surprise. Best Wishes!

    • Aw yep I definitely agree and with the book too - great book by the way and he definitely will be surprised if he meets a girl who doesn't turn out the way he described her!

  • Church maybe lol , honestly this isn't an ideal world and we're not ideal people for that reason alone I think you may be in over your head with this question. I think ALMOST (which means not every) female may be a little obsessed with one of the following, shopping, celebrity gossip, reality tv , e.t.c ... The best place to find your girl ??? I don't think there is a place just let her find u.. and if and when she does don't hold it against her if she does/mentions one of the following. About her loving only sex with you , lets hope so , for everyone's sake

    • That is why I said not limited too. I know all women do these things but for some women/girls I meet this is the limit of their interests.

  • Oh, god. I feel sorry for you. Where do you live? Ha ha ha!

    gee, according to your list, I can count 10 female friends, including myself, that fit that criteria.

    I live in HAWAII, ha ha. Us females here surf, bike, hike, run, play tennis, basketball, soccer, scuba. What else? Oh, yeah. Paint, write poetry, take photos. And, yes we're ATTRACTIVE, hot, honest, all that.

    It helps having had an older brother. I'm such a tomboy, I guess. But a cute one, at that :-)

    I find. The bigger the city, the better your chances of finding more diversity all around.

    HOWEVER, the other posters are right. There's no such thing as perfection. You may find a woman with all the qualities you're looking for and still not have that "connection". Perhaps. Don't give up just yet, though :-)


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  • Well, you probably saw my long response to your question about online dating. Maybe you should try that? At least you could kind of "shop" for the girl you're looking for, or at least narrow it down to a few women.

    Sometimes the online thing works!

    • Yeah I was thinking that. I mean when you are out in the real world you are limited to where your own two feet take you. Online is another option. Maybe I will try that just to meet some new people. Did you pay for each date you went on or did you split?

    • I personally paid for each one. But that's just me; it seems to me like the chivalrous thing to do. (I even paid on the bad dates!) (LOL)

  • There is no one place to find someone, so you have to go out there and meet people, but I'm sure that you know that already.

    • I'm hoping someone has a more direct route. :)

    • Well you've listed a lot of personality factors to consider, so unless someone knows someone that fits your criteria (ex. Sister, cousin, friend) I don't think they can direct you in anyway. Like I can tell you where you can find hot girls but I wouldn't know if they are honest or if they're airheads, unless of course I know them in a personal level.

  • No such thing as perfect. You've got down what you would like in a girl, look for whoever is the closest too that. Just remember, just cause you found someone who is close to what you like, doesn't mean she's the only one or the right one for you. Say a little prayer and your heart will let you know.

  • Anything else? You don't find them. You kinda just find each other. Don't go looking. And believe me I think we all want that

  • Russia mail order maybe?