I kissed my best friend's boyfriend?

Ok I've got myself in a pretty sticky situation that im not proud of but right now im desperate for some guidance and advice with this, For the longest time i had a crush on my best friend's boyfriend, i actually knew him before her and i was the person who "set them up together" i guess you could say, anyway i had a brief fling with this guy before he even knew my best friend and we've always been pretty close but just recently i started to like him again and the attraction between us has returned once again and the other night when he came over to my house to pick up my best friend's phone charger and at the door i lent in to kiss him without thinking and he returned the kiss and it lasted for quite a while, i realized what i had done after though and felt really bad about it, i dont want to ruin my friendship with my best friend but it also hurts seeing those two together, what should i do? Please try to be nice lol i feel bad enough as it is
I kissed my best friend's boyfriend?
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