How can I get the guy I like to chase me?

We both like each other, but I've been chasing him a little too much, and I think he knows how much I like him- he doesn't make much effort with me at all. Is there anything I can do about it? If you're a guy, what is it that gets you chasing after a girl?


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  • If he is a real man looking for a real relationship - he won't chase you unless you are worthy of being chased. If you are worthy of being chased you wouldn't be asking questions like this, you would know that guys naturally will be attracted to you, that your motivation is towards school- and finding a guy is just a benefit in life.

    If he is not worthy of dating you, you can have him chase you by playing mind-games and other tricks. I would tell you how to do this, but I won't support getting into a bad relationship. I try to help in situations for long term.

    My suggestions:

    - Get a job if you don't have one

    - Go to school / college etc and graduate

    - Work out / excersize

    - Eat the right foods

    - Develope your personality

    - etc

    Best regards,


    • Well I'm at Law School, so it's not like I'm stupid or don't have any goals in life. I'm very outgoing and never normally have any problems with guys chasing me at all; it's just this particular one. Maybe he thinks I expect the attention and won't give me it for that reason :S

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    • So basically I have to act like I don't give a ****. Hmmm I defo think he's using this sort of thing on me. I didn't want to resort to using mind games, but he started it. And as they say-- All's fair in love and war!

    • I recommend against using the mind games- so what if he is currently using them. Play a different game. Lure him in against his mind game of pushing and pulling. To do this, use flirting. If you win his heart, he'll quit his sh*t =)

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