Should I confront my long distance online boyfriend?

Okay, so I met these two guys on t****r, one is now my current online boyfriend, the other is now my friend. BF and I have dated for 5 months, it was him that started pursuing, insisting that he doesn't mind ldr before I go to US this summer, and finally swept me off my feet (so I agreed to start dating). Things were great even though sometimes I felt lonely and craving for attentions when he said he's busy with stuff (work/family/video games lol), sometimes he doesn't text me back or texts slowly make me really uncomfortable due to my insecurity and trust issues from the past experience.
I talked about this to the guy friend who once pursued me as well, but I turned him down because I knew he was already taken. He offered me a favor to check my bf's blog and I gave him the address. I thought since he studies psychology he could analyze something from bf's posts.
But a few days later, my friend came up to me, sent me screenshots of convo between bf and a girl. Yes, my friend spied on my boyfriend, he sent one of his pretty girl friends to approach him online. And besides my bf contacting her first and flirting with her and asking her selfies, what hurt me the most is that when that girl asked him if he's dating anyone, he claimed "no one at all"

It makes me feel more uncomfortable because my friend keeps telling me assumptions and bad things like "he's probably banging someone else now", "he won't change" or "you'll find someone more educated than he is in college (he only has high school diploma)"

I don't know if I should confront my boyfriend or just break up with him without saying a word like my friend keeps asking me to these days. I've been distant from my bf because I'm afraid that I can't hold back my emotions and screw everything. So I think he doesn't know that I know he flirts with other girls AND says he's single. I'm struggling because in the past few months I could see he really tried to make things work... I don't know what I should believe.
Should I confront my long distance online boyfriend?
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