My boyfriend's ex girlfriend 😒😤?

My boyfrien, BK, and I have been together for the last 3 years. About a year ago we had a conversation about our past relationships and why they failed. He brought up a chick he use to date named Ashley. I've seen what she looks like and she knows what I look like. I saw her through his social media page (they aren't friends but her page is open).

Soon after, she added me on social media and I accepted it. She came off really nice and sweet and we had no problem. After that conversation, my boyfriend's family had a get together that same week. At the gathering I was chatting with his older sister about girl things and Ashley comes and shows up. She's talking to his parents about old memories and how they were gunna be engaged and all that bullshit.

Long story short she got out of pocket and started an argument with me. It quickly escalated and almost broke into a cat fight. Now, she's threatening me and trying to convince his family in not good for him. To make things worse his aunt is racist and she's all for this anti-me thing! She almost got me fired from work. She plays the victim whenever we argue in front of his family. She tries to get back with my boyfriend.

She even told our mutual friends she's pregnant with his child. She stalks us. Its like that horror movie Obsessed!

How can I eliminate her!? She's really pissing me off.
My boyfriend's ex girlfriend 😒😤?
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