What should I get my boyfriend for Christmas?

My boyfriend is 22 and we've been together for about two months now. I'm struggling to find him something for Christmas. What would guys like? He's really into movies and he loves Disney, if that helps?


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  • sorry if this sounds sarcastic but disney are bringing out a new tinkerbell animation aren't they... that looks good if he likes disney... =D


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  • Buy a few dvds. Just go to the Disney store. Or if he has a particular favorite character go look around for a cool figurine. I am 22 and I still love Disney (although I am also extremly partial to musicals and horror movies). My husband is not to fond of them and he thinks I am cute for liking them, although I got him to watch 'Mulan 2' with me last night :)

    'Ratouille' was pretty good if he had seen. 'The Bridge to Terabithia' was pretty good, although not a traditional Disney movie. I generally stick with the older ones. My dad (especially) and my husband both liked 'Cars'.

    You could always go to the theater to see a new Disney movie. I am in Iraq right now, so am a little unaware of what's out. Maybe have a nice dinner date before hand.

    I'm sure he will appreciate whatever you get him.