Anyone here any experience with super insecure and overly jealous Gf's or Bf's?

I barely know her for 2 weeks, and yesterday on our 3rd date we had sex 1st time. what is a special and joyfull moment to me turns into an argument since she wanted to check my phone. im not wrting any girls in a romantic way, she wants me to give up a female friend that im not romanticcaly interested in, neither is she in me. i let her check my phone and there was nothing inapropiate on it. she made me text this friend that im not allowed to have contact with her because my girlfriend doesn't want me to. now she still keeps going on about it, and wants me to call this friend tomorrow. i dont know if i can. she simple won't get it that this girl is just a friend i barely see.

my girlfriend is extremely jealous , controlling and insecure. It begins to bother me, since i really like her. whenever she is upset about something totally obvlivious to me, she becomes a victim. why? no idea, i dont know what I've done wrong and when ever i ask her to speak out, she says there is nothing wrong.

this feels like emotional abuse and I've said sorry for 3 times now, took the blame , to suss the whole arguements but in reality it was her who should do the apologizing. i'm giving her a lot of chances to fix herself but im the type of guy that will get extremely pissed after a while of listening to BULLSHT. she is destroying what could be an awesome relationship. SHe looks really beautiful and we have the same interests, i dont know what is wrong with her why she is like this.

anyone had experience with this kind of situation. you clearly love the person but he or she is ruining your life. creating impossible standards to live by. what did you do to fix it or did you leave.
Anyone here any experience with super insecure and overly jealous Gf's or Bf's?
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