Do you think my crush likes me back?

Okay, then. So, I like this boy (duh) and I need to know if he likes me based on his actions.
Umm... Where do I start?
We always sit next to each other, he stares at me sometimes in class... Umm, what else? Sorry, thinking out loud.
He tells people to shut up when I'm trying to tell a joke or whatever, and he doesn't judge me. You see, I'm a cutter (yes, I know it's bad and blah blah blah, but you don't know about my life) and he accidentally found out on a field trip because we sat next to each other on the bus ride and my sleeve rolled up when he was tickling me (not in a sexual way, just kidding around like friends). He didn't freak out but he confronted me later and made me promise I wouldn't do it again. And one time, a boy touched me, as in TOUCHED ME, and he told me to report the boy but I didn't.
Anyway, he never stares at my face because he knows it makes me uncomfortable (I have minor acne) and he doesn't tell anyone secrets I've told him.
So, yeah. If you have questions, just ask. Thanks!
He likes me, but just as a friend.
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He doesn't like me at all.
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He likes me as more than a friend.
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Do you think my crush likes me back?
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