Do you ever feel like liking someone isn't worth it?

Getting feelings for someone is nearly a guarantee for heart break. You're either gonna break up or spend the rest of your life with that person. Sometimes I suppose break ups don't hurt but for the most part they do.

Getting feelings for a person doesn't guarantee they feel the same way so you have to deal with unrequited love at some point in your life, most likely.

And sometimes you get really close to a person and they vanish on you. They just lose interest or find someone else.

Sometimes you like someone who likes someone else- hurts worse when that person is your friend.

Sometimes you get used for sex or as an emotional tampon only to be thrown away later.

Sometimes you're just a fling but you don't even know it.

Sometimes someone is just playing with your heart for their own amusement.

It just hurts. A lot. I don't want to like anyone anymore. I've been hurt 3 times in the past year and I don't think its worth it. I'm honestly very afraid to start becoming interested in someone now because in my experience, the guy either loses interest or only ever intended to get sex. I may be young blah blah so I'm at that age but I don't want to sort through more heart breaks to find the right guy who will, eventually, hurt me. Or marry me. And even then, you can get hurt.

I don't want to die alone either though.
Do you ever feel like liking someone isn't worth it?
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