This girl from work and these snaps?

so I've been working at this restaurant for a year now. this girl works there to. we be fussing everytime and then laughing at each other the next. I asked her once a long while ago and she said she had a guy so I backed off. sooner or later things are back to normal.

so things become hard to tell if she likes me or just playing games. we talk mostly on snapchat and we always talking about relationships or sex and honestly I don't want to cross waters too soon. I don't like asking twice cuz I feel like one answer is enough. I make fun of her all the time and she curse me out. but this is all playfully.
I like her and I find her looking good. but I tell her opposite of that and she says the same in reply.
so we got to talking on snapchat and im making it to a point to see where her head at.
technically I called her ugly and she said "but my boyfriend likes it though" so I say something back which I just wanted to end the conversation.
went back on snap to ask this other girl to text me. instead I get a snap from her telling me "nobody wanna text you cuz you ugly" I laughed. I told her she was the ugly one which she replied "many would disagree" so I asked her "lol then why are you talking to my ugly self" and she answered back with a "kk bye lol" I figure I get some sort of answer here cuz I tend to be hard headed about these things...

This girl from work and these snaps?
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