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Yesterday I went to the beach with my best friend and I have never met her boyfriend before so it was a nice experience and he brought some of his friends. One of his friends of which I got along with really well. What stands out about this is our humour is quite whacky and weird so its hard to come across people who understands that humour. And we have lots of things in common. He's doesn't necessarily have amazingly good looks but because he's so funny it made him really attractive. Problems are
1. He has a girlfriend who he has been trying to break up with for a while. What stops him from meeting another girl if we were together? And I would never get involved in anything if the other person is in a relationship
2. He is 23 and I am 17. Which isn't a problem for me or him but more for friends and family.
3. He smokes drugs but is trying to stop, however this is a huge turn off.

Its just so weird we connected so well and I was just being friendly but he's so nice and he was saying to his friend about how he likes me because I'm nice and that I get his jokes where as his girlfriend would just think he was being weird. And he was just being so nice.. Ugh I don't know what to do or say.
What is your opinion?
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