Can anyone tell what is the probleme with me?

I don't know, what the heck is with me at first sight I didn't give it any thoughts in past years but now I do care, whenever I am in relationship I am the one who always get serious and anxious, when I get what I want (I don't mean money or anything cause I had a good salary that makes me live as a princess if I want too) I mean emontionnaly then I got easily tired of the person so I break up or just change phone number and block that person everywhere and cut all ties, or I just got that feeling this is the right person and all lovey dovey and all sudden I feel bored and I leave that person too most of time it's my gruge towards the person that I am with how they cheat on me or mistreat me, sometimes it is only me I just get easily bored Then I leave somestimes without a word, my lasting relationship was 8 months after that it is between the period 1 month and 3 weeks and now it is worst than before a week and I am done with the person first date then nothing
what do I have?
I am not a player or anything I just don't what is this?
why cannot I be normal and have a decent relationship?
why can't I love?
Can anyone tell what is the probleme with me?
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