Why do bfs stop talking to their gfs all of a sudden?

Its usually guys who all of a sudden disappear and say everything is okay, they either needed space cause theyre busy or they don't need to be in contact all the time. They can be totally in love with you but that still doesn't make them want to talk to you all the time? Is this true?

According to my boyfriend, it is. He claims he doesn't need to be in contact all the time and I shouldn't take it personal and that I'm crazy for always getting upset at him when he doesn't contact me cause there's nothing to be mad about. He is busy but I pretty much know his schedule and please, it doesn't take anything for him to contact me. Plus how can I not take it personally? The fact that he doesn't feel like talking to me all the time makes me feel like he's not crazy about me or into me. That really hurts. I would think if you're so into your bf/gf, wouldn't you always wanna talk to them? One thing that does make me think its not a big deal is he does call me. But right now for ex, he hasn't talked to me in two days, I snapchatted him and no response. We just spent time together so what you have had enough of me now lets wait a while until we miss each other again? No it shouldn't be like that. We should wanna talk to each other all the time. Thats my take but what do you think? Is my first statement true?
Why do bfs stop talking to their gfs all of a sudden?
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