Religion conflicts with mutual desire for intimacy, what to do?

My girlfriend and I have been dating for a couple weeks now. We have been progressively getting closer, sharing more secrets and getting more intimate with eachother. The problem is that she is a Mormon, and I am not. I respect her choice of religion and her beliefs and I do not try to diswade her of her chosen path nor do I try to diminish her beliefs. We both understand that the other has different beliefs; we have accepted that and chosen to remain together anyways. She has told me that she is not ready for sex and that after some previous mistakes she has chosen to repent and save herself until marrige, and that's perfectly fine with me.

I respect her decision and have told her as much. However, when we spend time together by our lonesome we have started to get more and more intimate. We kiss, and then she breathely asks me to touch her, or lick her neck, and from there she asks for more, which I am more than willing to give. She has told me she wants the intimacy, that she wants the sex. But since it conflicts with her religion, we hold back at the last second. She still feels guilty afterwards.

The result is, we can't resist being intimate together when we're alone, and while we haven't yet had sex; we both know if we continue to spend time alone together, that we soon will. As such we have taken to avoiding the bedroom and avoiding being alone together, which has already begun to cause problems in our relationship. I want to be happy with her and for her to be happy with me, when we get intimate we're both enjoying ourselves and neither is pressuring the other. We are simply young adults with strong feelings and bad self control. I do also enjoy spending time with her without getting intimate and I am ok with not having sex with her, but I don't see how our relationship will last if we continue like this. Should I let our intimacy progress and risk causing her pain for defying her relgion, or should I not and risk our relationship ending?
Religion conflicts with mutual desire for intimacy, what to do?
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