Should I give him another chance?

My boyfriend cheated on me in our past relationship (3 years ago) we broke up and saw other people etc. 3 years later we are back together (almost a year now).

The issue that he cheated has always been a big deal for me and it has made it hard to trust him, causing me to find it hard to accept his female friends.

I recently found out that he lied to me about the cheating, first telling me it was just a random girl and a one night stand, and later I found out that the girl is actually his ex. He lied to me countless times wen we spoke about my insecurities and every time I tried to speak about my feelings and how we can move on he lied again.

Even after all this I love him so much but I don't know if building trust will be possible again and if it is really worth it? Girls and guys please help!!
Should I give him another chance?
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