Can you really like someone and not be happy?

It seems that my boyfriend and I like each other and really want to make things work, but with a couple of factors, its just getting exhausting. Not only are we long-distance, but we're also always working. Also, he has communication and emotional issues and I um don't have any of those so to deal with someone who does, feels like a headache. But I know there are some things about me he prob isn't too fond of , he just doesn't tell me because like I said, he has commincation issues so he doesn't know how to tell me and he's said he doesn't wanna hurt my feelings so he keeps his opinion inside.

Overall we really like each other and wanna be together so we want to make it work but things are just not working out especially with being busy and far from each other (not that far just a few hrs away). We have been seeing each other for more than a yr and a half but slowly got serious. He says that his last relationship, it took 2 years to finally be official so I'm guessing for him, he doesn't find it much of a problem yet. But I've never experienced long-distance relationships or took forever to make it official, so I see it more of a problem than he does. I think I just have to be patient but there are times where I'm ready to call it off. I mean I like him because he makes me happy but the relationship and how we are is not making me happy.
Can you really like someone and not be happy?
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