Girls, are they overreacting (my girlfriend and her family)?

I dumbly made an insensitive joke about cheating:
Some girl made a move on me so i made a joke about it saying that the only thing holding me back was that she just smoked 3 packs of cigarettes. I didn't pretend to cheat on her and I didn't cheat on her and she knows this.

I know that what i did was wrong so don't bother telling me because i already know.

This is what they have been doing and it has lasted 4 days so far:

-They are giving me the silent treatment
-Whenever i say something, they appear all disgusted by me.
-When i laugh at something, they look like they think i don't deserve to be happy and they look at me with contempt
-My girlfriend won't let me talk to her
-They are often really rude

Are they overreacting?
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Refreshing the question
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Its a very easy question don't be lazy
Girls, are they overreacting (my girlfriend and her family)?
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