How can I fix my relationship after my girlfriend cheated? If I can't how should I break up?

I've been going out with this girl for 6 months she's my first girlfriend so I am inexperienced in relationships, and quite frankly I am attached. She is 20 and a single mother and I am 24. She was with her ex for 5 years before they broke up, I think they broke up this past November.

Everything was going super great, she was really happy with me, she said she is thankful for me and appreciates me and everything. But within the last month and a half everything has gone south. In May she cheated on me with her EX when he came to her for relationship advice with his current girlfriend (whom he cheated on her with), she gave him advice and than he kissed her. He promised her that they'll go back together and she bought it but it turned out to be a lie, and he didn't.

Since then everything has been bad, she asked for a break in mid May and I gave it to her after taking her back, gave her the benefit of the doubt because of their history/child. I finally saw her last week and we snuggled and kissed and stuff but that was it, we didn't really discuss the issue in depth because she doesn't like to communicate, and all I did was ask if we are good and she said yeah.

I noticed though she was a bit weird, she doesn't want to go out and do things with me just yet, and doesn't really want to see me because of babysitter issues (which I find BS bc she did before all this happened), her enthusiasm with me is not as it was before. So I see her again and than she bails out on our plans for something this weekend, so I asked her if she even wants to be with me and she said she doesn't know, "yes and no", but she always tells me she loves me and she's so sorry, she's on and off and it's fucking with my emotions. She said she loves me in person last week too, I don't know.

What do I do? I'm supposed to see her this week but we haven't talked what do I do?
How can I fix my relationship after my girlfriend cheated? If I can't how should I break up?
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