What do you guys think of "ghosting"?

Read this today and I'm just curious what other peoples' thoughts are.


I think when it's to get out of an abusive relationship, it's the right move, but I wouldn't count that as ghosting, given the circumstances. So, let's answer the question assuming it's NOT an abusive relationship.

Personally, I think it's incredibly rude. Whether it was after one or two dates, or an actual relationship, I think people deserve to know where things stand, rather than be left to guess for a week or two before resigning to the fact that you're gone. I don't think a big, drawn out, dramatic conversation is necessary, but it's basic human decency to at least tell the person what's up.

I think if you've gone on a date or a few dates, it's common courtesy to send a quick text that politely tells the person that you're not feeling it. If you've been seeing the person regularly for some time, the courteous thing to do is to tell them to their face when you're hanging out that you just don't think it's going anywhere. If you're actually in a relationship with the person, you HAVE TO have an in-person break up convo. It doesn't have to be dramatic. But you should lay out why the relationship isn't working and wish the person the best. You obviously cared for this person at one time or another, so you should care enough to give them the closure they need, as well as the information they need to learn from the failed relationship (politely and respectfully of course). If it's simply personality conflicts, that's still important for them to know because then they know what type of people thy're unlikely to have a successful relationship with in the future. If it comes down to specific types of behaviours or attitudes of theirs, they should know that too. If they were treating you really shitty and that's why you are breaking up with them, tell them that! Otherwise they'll just resent you ghosting on them and probably bring that resentment into their future relationships rather than learning from the experience, which is totally unfair to the next person tehy are with. At least give them the option of learning.
What do you guys think of "ghosting"?
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